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Cake Stand Rentals

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Cake Stands

Welcome to our Cake Stand Gallery!


For orders placed on or after July 11, 2022,

the use of our cake stands and cupcake displays are included in our wedding cake packages. 


We added this much-requested service for our wedding cake clients so you can complete the presentation of your wedding cake with a sturdy stand that is made to uphold a heavy wedding cake. Cake stands like these can be very expensive for one-time usage, so we are happy to provide this service to you and take the wondering and worry out of finding the proper cake stand.


We are still in the process of adding cake stands to our gallery so if you don't see what you're looking for, be sure to inquire because we may have something for you that isn't listed here. Plus we are continually procuring new stands to expand our selection.


What size cake stand do you need? The cake stand should be the same size as your cake board or bigger. It should never be smaller where the cake overhangs the stand. At Love Cake, we generally make our cake boards 2" larger than the size of the bottom tier. So if the bottom tier is 12 inches, the cake board will most likely be 14 inches, so the stand should be at the very least 14 inches.


Click on the pictures to learn about stand dimensions and rental pricing.


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