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5 Top Wedding Cake Misconceptions

PHOTO BY: Walters and Walters Photography

As a wedding cake designer, I've heard all sorts of misconceptions about wedding cakes over the years. Most of them might be based on hearsay or even a bad experience, but don't let those that get in the way when you're shopping for your wedding cake. Lets address five top wedding cake misconceptions so you can enjoy your cake shopping experience and feel confident that you'll end up with a cake you'll love from the inside out!

5 Top Wedding Cake Misconceptions

1) You can have a pretty cake or you can have a delicious cake, but you can't have both.

SO NOT TRUE! While there will always be a bad tasting cake or a not so pretty one, it is more than possible to get the complete package. You CAN have both! While shopping for your wedding cake designer, view their website and see their work. Make sure you like how their cakes look as every designer has their own style. Go on Wedding Wire and Facebook and read their customer reviews. Did they like the taste of the cake? This is a quick way to narrow down your search and ensure that you will find the perfect cake design while not forgoing a delicious dessert. And while you're at it - be sure to research Love Cake!

2) Wedding cakes aren't that important at a reception.

Let me ask you this. The last time you went to a wedding, did you go look to see the cake? Let's face it, if you believe your wedding cake isn't important, chances are you'll just stick it in a corner of the room and lose out on the great benefits of having it. For one, make it a focal point! Afterall, people DO want to see it, especially all those Food Network junkies out there. Consider positioning your cake in the center of the dance floor to start the evening and then roll it out when the partying gets going. Or position it at the top of a grand staircase, or in a room of its own just off the reception hall. Your wedding cake doubles as room decor AND dessert! Capitalize on that fact and don't put your resources to waste. Pick out a cake design that compliments the room, your flowers, the wedding dress, the color pallet, the overall style of the reception. Make it a conversation piece! Select a special table linen that stands out from the rest and makes a statement. Style the table and make it a point of interest. Your wedding cake is an important centerpiece, so no puttin' Baby in the corner!

3) Wedding cakes are so expensive!

Did you know that if you have your caterer supply a dessert you'll need to budget about $7+/person. Did you know that Love Cake's all-inclusive wedding cake package starts at $7/serving? You can have a beautiful custom centerpiece to add to your decor that also feeds your guests dessert!. I think that's a pretty great deal! Don't assume a wedding cake is too expensive unless you weren't planning on serving dessert at all.... and in that case, we just need to have a talk :).

4) Nobody likes fondant wedding cakes.

I think most people who say they don't like fondant have eaten it when it was rolled out too thick, therefore creating more of a thick chewy shell versus a thin covering that blends with the buttercream. Fondant should be rolled out to about 1/16th of an inch in order to be delightful. Thicker than that and you end up with lots of plates with uneaten fondant shells. And when you pay an extra $1/serving for fondant that doesn't get eaten, well, who should want to pay for that?The fact is, so many fondant designs can actually be done on buttercream, and most people prefer buttercream as well as avoiding the extra cost of fondant. But fondant comes in so handy for beautiful, clean embellishments on your cake. You can have fondant decorations and embellishments on a buttercream cake - the best of both worlds! Additionally, my arm muscles will thank you so so very much! :)

5) Not everyone likes cake

So I'm not sure who these people are, but the thing is, when you've had a GOOD cake, you will like cake! At the Southern Wedding Show + Expo this past August, Love Cake provided its two most popular wedding cake flavors: Dark Chocolate Kahlua Fudge and Almond Vanilla. I witnessed cake haters convert to cake lovers, chocolate haters turn into chocolate lovers and vanilla haters turn into vanilla lovers. You see, people don't like cake because they just haven't had the right one yet! I suggest making an appointment for a consultation and tasting. Pick flavors you like with decadent fillings and frostings and you are sure to find a cake you'll love! Love Cake is great place to get started!

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