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How to Spice Up Your Cutting Cake!

A Cutting Cake is a small cake that accompanies a cupcake display or other type of dessert table and is purposed for the cake cutting ceremony at a wedding. The couple gets their traditional wedding cake cutting picture without having a big wedding cake. If you'd like to express yourself and want to turn your little cutting cake into a conversation piece, here are some spiced up ideas for you to consider.

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This green semi-naked design is a unique and colorful way to brighten up your cupcake display...AND you get to eat the flowers on this one

photo by Lily & Vine Photo Co.

If you really want an inexpensive way to add some WOW to your cutting cake, consider adding edible brushed metallic highlights. This can be applied to buttercream as well as fondant and really makes a statement. Don't think that just because your wedding cake is small it can't be fancy. Make it pop for your pictures. Afterall, that's the purpose of a cutting cake. (Rentals: The Prettiest Pieces Vintage Rentals)

How about a gorgeous watercolor effect? These beautiful rosettes are framed in by that silver highlighted buttercream deckle edge, (looks like torn paper). Wouldn't this cake look dreamy at a beach wedding?

This deep teal color is rich and elegant and goes well with gold highlights. An over-sized wafer paper rose in pink makes a great complement and contrast to the teal.

Another favorite color scheme is lovely shades of stormy blues. A little moody, maybe even beachy, these varying-sized rosettes bring movement and texture to the cutting cake . You can even add sugar pearls for tiny bits of added detail too.

This is a great garden themed cake especially for the South. How about these lovely magnolias that just landed in the garden pond?

Cutting cakes don't have to be just a white textured buttercream. Take this opportunity to dress her up in something extra special, like ruffles and a sugar flower on top.

photo by Lily & Vine Photo Co.

How about this lovely painted cake. It goes so well with the moss and wild flowers. You can easily customize a painted cake to match your floral design. (Rentals: The Prettiest Pieces Vintage Rentals)

The gold deckle edge is trending strong right now! This is one our anniversary cakes, but it would still look marvelous at a reception setting.

Photo by Lily & Vine Photo Co.

Now THIS is a great cake table from The Prettiest Pieces Vintage Rentals! Imagine all the cupcakes you can pack down below! And I really love this hydrangea arrangement that elevates that pretty watercolor cutting cake. A nice way to make a grand presentation of a small cake.

Photo by Lily & Vine Photo Co.

This painted buttercream cake was inspired by a sun dress I loved. Take inspiration from the textiles you plan to use in your wedding and incorporate it into your cake design. (Rentals: The Prettiest Pieces Vintage Rentals)

Photo by Lily & Vine Photo Co.

Tree slices have been a very popular tabletop decor feature for the more rustic style weddings, but look how easily you can elevate "rustic" to "rustic elegance" by layering some rich textures and colors. I love how this plain white cutting cake is styled with romantic candlesticks, greenery and these beautiful paper flowers by Constantly Bloom. This cake itself is very understated and plain, but it's brought to life with the right selection of decorative pieces. (Rentals: The Prettiest Pieces Vintage Rentals)

Photo by Lily & Vine Photo Co.

A benefit of a small cutting cake is that it doesn't weigh very much, which means you can get creative with alternative cake stands, like this vintage scale for instance. Think outside the box when designing your cupcake and cutting cake display. Make it a one-of-a-kind memorable presentation that will wow your guests and be forever cherished in your wedding album. (Rentals: The Prettiest Pieces Vintage Rentals)

Photo by Lily & Vine Photo Co.

If you're scared to add color, how about just a tiny little bit of color? It's fun, it adds detail and it ties your color palette together. (Rentals: The Prettiest Pieces Vintage Rentals)

What about taking a dark color and really going bold? This is marbled red and white fondant cake is quite dressy but fun. Again, an over-sized wafer paper flower on top really makes a statement.

Palette painted cakes are a wonderful trend these days too. This is a beautiful way to bring texture and color into a cake and express the artist on the inside of you.

Photo by Azul Photography

Lastly, dressing up your cupcakes to tie into your entire presentation gives a finished look. Be it the cupcake wrappers or a little decoration on top, you can really complete your presentation with little details that match your cutting cake.

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