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Virtual Consultations

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Virtual Consultation & Tasting

In light of recent gathering restrictions due to the COVID-19 epidemic, we are happy to conduct virtual consultations and tastings in order to abide by government mandates and to keep our clients safe and healthy. We will be offering this service so you can continue planning your wedding without delay!

Are you local? We can provide you with a tasting box which you can arrange to pick up at an appointed time, and then later that same day, we will get together virtually and go about a normal consultation and tasting as if we were meeting in person.

Are you out of town? Many of our clients live in other states but are planning to have their wedding in the Raleigh area. Usually, we work to coordinate an in-person appointment that fits within your short visit to Raleigh as you meet with many vendors and firm up your wedding plans. But scheduling a virtual consultation makes it easier because you can schedule it anytime! We will ship your tasting box to you and once you receive it, we can schedule a time to meet virtually that same evening to conduct your consultation and tasting! Additional shipping charges do apply.

Additionally, you will have the convenience of your own online client portal which makes all your transactions with Love Cake  hassle-free.


We hope this new service helps you! You can schedule your Virtual Consultation & Tasting by completing our inquiry form on our Contact Page.

Thank you and God bless you!

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