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Hi! My name is Kristina Solloway and I am the owner of Love Cake. I have been enjoying the art of cake decorating since 2006 when my firstborn son turned a year old and I made his first birthday cake. This bore a new outlet for my creativity. I would offer to make cakes for friends and family as a way to learn various techniques, and in the process loved to see how much joy my cakes brought other people.


Then, in 2009, the Raleigh Rescue Mission in downtown Raleigh asked me to make a wedding cake for a couple who had met during treatment, and having successfully completed the program, fell in love and wanted to get married at the very place they met. RRM needed all the help they could get to help this couple start a new life together. I jumped on the opportunity having never made a wedding cake before. Not knowing how to start, I called on a baker friend from New York, who gave me all the instruction I needed. The RRM wedding cake was a success and even made its debut in The News and Observer. This event was the turning point that gave me the confidence to move forward professionally with my new love for wedding cakes.


As I pursued my talent with diligence, people commented that I treated each cake as though I poured all my love out with each delicious sculpture. One person asked me if I could produce one of my love cakes for her child’s birthday party, and so the concept of "Love Cake" was born. Since then I have worked to develop my talent making edible art for all different occasions, but have really found my greatest passion in creating my monuments of "LOVE" for weddings!

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