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Hello Sweet Vendor!


Welcome to the Wedding Dessert Showcase Vendor Interest Form! I am so excited that you are considering being a vendor in this unique wedding show that's all about desserts. This show is not just about wedding cakes, but is also about exposing engaged couples and other decision-makers in the wedding industry to what other options are available to them. Couples should be able to create the perfect dessert experience for their guests that best represents what they love most, and even better, they can find everything they need all in one place!

While many dessert vendors offer a variety of desserts and services, my aim is to create a show that offers a great variety of samples. You can market your products and services however you want, but I ask that you stick to a designated dessert category solely for the purpose of sample variety. The show will consist of no more than four wedding cake companies that offer cake samples. All other vendors will serve a unique dessert sample, i.e. cotton candy, chocolates, pies, coffee, etc. to ensure a great variety for our guests.

Guests are charged an admission fee which not only helps greatly for planning purposes but also benefits our community as all proceeds are donated to a local charity. Our last show brought in 169 guests and we raised over $2000! As the word continues to spread, I expect the next show to be even better!

So if you'd like to be considered for the next show, please submit your information below and I'll be in touch!


Warmest Regards,

Kristina Solloway

Love Cake

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July 24th 2022

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